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The aforementioned Book Cart Drill Team has made it past the YouTube copyright folks.

This is great because you can actually hear the fun and clever lyrics, but you miss out on the crowd noise. There was a lot of it. Good job, ladies!



My attempt at the Baby Got Books lyrics:

*parody of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back*

Oh my god, Becki,
look at her books
they are so big
she looks like one of those librarians
who understands those librarians anyway
I mean, her books, they're just so they're so big they're just like out there
she's just so smart

I like big books and I cannot lie
you other brothas' can't deny
that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
and a big book in your face
you check out
that's what it's all about
paying my overdues
I'm looking at the nonfiction
so I can improve my diction
oh baby wanna tell you my preference
meet me in reference
so don't be such a bummer
just give me your – call number!

ooh Dewey Decimals
you say you don't like LC?
well read me, read me
catalog and discard me

*Low Rider by War interlude*

so welcome to the school library
ya got a big dictionary
we don't want books unless you got good looks
you can sleep or read a magazine
if books just ain't your scene
I just can't help myself I like 'em in order
sit and read – don't loiter!
admin thinks it's funny
the budget ain't got no money
so ladies?
do you wanna support libraries?
scan it, scan it
scan them barcodes
baby got books

*Reading Rainbow Theme sung by Tina Fabrique interlude*

*Single Ladies by Beyoncé Knowles parody*

if you like it then you shoulda put a hold on it (x4)


Day one was great, rainy and kinda gross, but great.

I didn’t go to many sessions, but had lunch with Megan Oakleaf who is one of my information literacy and assessment heroes.

A great day was capped by a perfect night with a little time spent at the all-conference reception and a night of walking the River Walk with my lovely friends from library school.

I ❤ conference!

Tomorrow (Thursday) the real learning begins.

Have you all heard about the libraries in Baltimore that are serving as a grocery delivery station in two neighborhoods that do not have grocery stores?

How cool is that?

Also, it would totally solve this surprisingly-common problem:

Now I have two songs in my head 1) C is for Cookie, 2) the Bon Secours Bal.ti.more jingle.

Okay, really it’s been 8 days, but it feels like forever.

I’ve been busy librarianing and puppy training. Oliver is now an obedience school graduate. He has a little bandanna to prove it. So cute.

Anyway, I’ll be librarianing 24/7 starting tomorrow because it’s CONFERENCE TIME!

Get ready for enthusiastic posts about new and cool stuff I’m learning.

(subject from Ani DiFranco’s Superhero)

You may recall my post on guerilla reference in IHOP (which I type as iHop every time, darn you Apple). I am pleased to say that this remote-reference-during-finals plan has come to fruition. Yay! Instead of IHOP, a team of two librarians will be in and around the student dining halls. We’re doing two lunch time and two dinner time sessions. Although we will, of course, provide solid reference services, I see this more as an outreach initiative than a reference initiative. Exciting stuff and further proof of the power of pancakes.

thanks to flickr user kevandem for sharing this gorgeous picture

Post title from:
Sharmat, M. W., Sharmat, C., & Simont, M. (1990). Nate the Great and the musical note. A Break-of-day book. New York: Coward-McCann.
“I, Nate the Great, needed pancakes. Pancakes help me think” (p. 33).

*tweet tweet*