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It’s been two weeks since my last post, but I feel like my life has completely changed.  I have been working a lot – spreading knowledge.  I’ve also been working with my new big puppy.  He’s seven months and I finally slept through the night last night.  He’s equal parts adorable, frustrating, amazing, obstinate, and energetic.  Ok, maybe adorable is a larger percentage of who he is than those other things, but barely.  Fortunately the frustrating and obstinance are slowly dwindling away.


I haven’t been really Google Newsy or pop culturey.  So I’m just going to keep this as a mini dose of navel gazing and hope to have some fun, new, semi-intelligent thoughts soon.


is to make tasty things to eat.

The last two weeks of my life have been ridiculously stressful and awful.  I ate many yummy things (like multiple containers of ice cream) but I think it’s time to reintroduce vegetables into my diet.

These are the ingredients I’d like to use this week:

  1. Two anaheim peppers (one hot, one mild – but I have no idea which is which)
  2. One jalapeno
  3. A mini tub of grape tomatoes
  4. Carrots
  5. Snow peas
  6. Garlic
  7. Pesto tortellini
  8. Frozen broccoli

After consult the internet, these are my proposed dishes

  1. Anaheim peppers stuffed with feta cheese and jalapeno – either with raw peppers or cooked
  2. Pesto tortellini tossed with olive oil, broccoli, Parmesan cheese, and cherub tomatoes either sauteed or roasted
  3. Candied carrots
  4. Honey glazed peas and carrots
  5. I also really want to make microwave caramel popcorn, the recipe is pretty much the same as the microwave peanut brittle I make every Christmas (fantastic with cashews as well, but DON’T double this recipe).  You have to be quick when you add baking soda to this kind of thing.

I will probably throw tomatoes in with my egg whites a few times, but I still need some more things to do with all those tomatoes

Is Chris Cornell really singing Imagine on The Tonight Show right now?  Does he look like Dave Grohl to anyone else?  He never has to me before, but something about his long-haired unwashed self.  Ok, I’m about a minute in, and now remembering how much I LOVED Chris Cornell.  Not only could he scream with the best of them the do the whole smooth vocal thing, but holy crap he was hot.  I’ve been feeling 90’s tastic lately, mostly due to the J. Crew catalog with the denim shirt, white turtle neck and thick black cardigan on the cover.  Can I get my flannel back out?  Oh wait, it won’t be flannel weather until those two weeks in January.  I am LOVING the rain though.  I’ve had my AC off for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

why Google became huge today.

I checked it in Firefox and Safari, definitely huge.

How are students supposed to do secret searches in class?

Doesn’t Google ever think?!

(See this is especially hilarious because yesterday I wrote a love letter to Google Labs.  That is why it pays to read EVERY DAY!)

I used to manually add all of Texas and Ohio State football games to my Google Calendar, but NOW you can subscribe to your favorite sports team and their schedule will show up on your calendar with a cute little icon.


When the game is over it posts the score!

How great is this?

Example from Agenda View

Example from Agenda View

That was my geeky joy of the day.

Also, I really enjoyed reading through the 2008 Architectural Issue of Library Journal.

So many pretty pictures.

As a general rule, I don’t go into water inhabited by things that can eat me.  I grew up on a lake.  The biggest dangers were zebra mussels and E. Coli.  In 2002, I spent two months living on the Gulf Coast 100 yards from the beach.  The day we got there, one of my friends had an encounter with a sting ray.  I shuffled through the surf for the rest of my time there.  I completely freaked out one day when I saw fins, and was promptly told by a world-wise and oh-so-amused local that they were porpoises, not sharks.  (pause) But that the porpoises were dangerous too.  Rays, jellyfish, fish with pointy things, porpoises, sharks, and the ever-present fear of coming across a body thrown off an oil rig.  No thanks.  It really was pretty, and WARM water was totally new to me, but I’ll stick with lakes, thanks.

When I saw this today.  My heart stopped.  (but thankfully, promptly started again)

No, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

I read the NY Times article and was relieved to find out that “Marine biologists for the state of Massachusetts, [are] working with a commercial fisherman who is a talented swordfish harpooner,” but what they really need is a shark catcher.  I know comparisons to Jaws are obvious and uninspired but heysoos, sharks! here!  on the 4th of July!  Or, um, Labor Day, one of those holidays where we celebrate American’s plucky rebellion.

Thanks to “stubles22” for this observation that sounds JUST LIKE THE MAYOR OF AMITY!  “Really a big to do about nothing….sharks have been around Chatham forever, especially since the seal population has exploded. Closing the beach is silly; you’re more likely to get hit by lightning. Another media driven event!”

Revkin, A. (2009, September 6). White sharks cause stir on Cape Cod. The New York Times.
Retrieved from

Yes, I get that it’s a good story, we all have internalized Jaws.  Maybe some people have a more “rational” understanding of sharks than I do.  I grew up on Nova.  I remember seeing a Nova episode on sharks where a researcher went into the cage and down into the sharky deep.  She was wearing the marine version of chain mail.  A shark came up to the cage, bit at it, mangled the bars AND BIT HER THUMB.  It was all bloody and had dangly things.  I have an unfortunately vivid memory of this.  Possibly because I watched it dozens of times, but still, it’s terrifying.

Speaking of Nova.  I’m also terrified of alligators and crocodiles.  Damn public television.  It’s not fear of the teeth and the bone-crushing biting, it’s the barrel rolls.  So it would bite me, then try to (well, not try, it would) drown me.  So, I imagine that I would be bleeding profusely, going into shock, spinning around under water and seeing flashes of light above the water then murkiness, then light then murkiness.  I find prospect of seeing the light every rotation terrifying because it would be this flash of life/hope, then dark/dirt/death.  I am SERIOUSLY terrified of alligators and crocodiles.

My friends and I went camping in a place with all kinds of deadly snakes, but no alligators (there aren’t crocodiles anywhere near here, but there ARE alligators in this state).  We were too far away from the coast to be in alligator danger, but I decided that the place we were going is a place that alligators would go if they got lost.  Sort of like the manatee that ends up in the East River.  It happens.  Before we went, I read all about alligators, and viewed the alligator-hunting statistics for the entire state.  It showed how many alligators had been killed in each county.  Yes, I am REALLY afraid of alligators.   I learned from public television that alligators have a hard time changing directions, so if you HAVE to run from an alligator, your best bet is to run zig zag.  So, when we went camping, in this alligator-free county, I would NOT wear flip flops.  Because, how the heck do you run zig zag in flip flops?  What if an alligator floated on up the river, climbed up the steep bank and into our campsite?  I was in sensible Tevas with an ankle strap and ready to zig zag away.

I really like to be prepared . . .

I think I’m going to watch Jaws.

Have a safe Labor Day!

Mostly because I'm not sure how to spell yeaahhgghhhblghargahhh!

*tweet tweet*